RSi Shopper Marketing Optimization | Empowering Brands, Agencies and Retailers


Plan, manage, optimize and automatically measure the performance of all your shopper marketing campaigns.

No matter if your campaigns are run in partnership with an agency, an ad network or internally, RSi’s suite of solutions will help you plan, execute and automatically measure all your shopper marketing events. Our goal is to make your life easier and give you the tools you need to continuously prove and improve your impact on in-store sales.



SMO for Brands

Solution for your brands

Optimize the effectiveness of your shopper marketing operations, by leveraging a budgeting, planning and collaboration platform designed to automate workflows and maximize ROI.

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Ansa inside

Solution for your agencies

Automatically optimize and measure the in-store impact of your shopper marketing campaigns run on ad networks, by simply asking your agencies for “Ansa inside”.

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SMO for Retailers

Solution for your Media Center

Develop better, more profitable shopper marketing programs to influence shoppers on their path to purchase, and support more effective collaboration with suppliers.

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