Ansa inside: prove and improve the impact of your campaigns on in-store sales.

Ansa: Maximize the efficiency and impact of every marketing dollar through automatic store-level targeting, optimization and measurement.

RSi launched the solution called Ansa for closing the loop on digital media investments. In partnership with leading ad networks, it has enabled targeting, optimization and delivered insights for hundreds of shopper marketing campaigns for 35 leading CPGs.

Shopper Marketers and their agencies rely on Ansa to maximize the efficiency and impact of every marketing dollar. When you ask for Ansa from any of our trusted ad partners you automatically get targeting, optimization, and measurement of the in-store effectiveness for your digital media initiatives. In addition, the insights provided will help you fine-tune strategies for your next campaigns.


Using Ansa with one of our integrated ad partners you will be able to target historically promising stores for your specific products and campaign objectives.


Our Ansa integrated ad partners receive information throughout the campaign that enables them to optimize the media spend during the campaign, maximizing the results of the overall lift.


With Ansa the end of campaign results are fast, automatic and standardized. This gives you insights as close to the activation as possible, and the standardized format makes compression between campaigns and improvement over time possible.

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