SMO for retailers: drive media revenue, operate more efficiently, collaborate more effectively

RSi Shopper Marketing Optimization for Retailers: reinvent the Retail Media Center

RSi-rmi-bannerRetail Solutions Inc. (RSi), global market leader in leveraging the most granular retailer data to measure and optimize performance at retail, has partnered with Retail Marketing International (rmi), the company behind the industry leading BASE™ targeting, planning and workflow software, to deliver a sophisticated online solution specifically designed to help retailers develop better, more profitable Shopper Marketing programs to influence shoppers on their path to purchase and to support even more effective collaboration with suppliers.

The BASE™ software solution, proven to power retailer media centers in the United Kingdom, enables better targeting, planning and evaluation of shopper marketing programs to drive ROI for all parties.
Our software solution is easily integrated with existing systems and creates an end to end workflow platform for streamlining all the retailer shopper marketing activities between the retailer, various agencies, vendors and 3rd parties.


Plan the most targeted media campaigns to reach and engage with your shoppers at the right time through the right media channels and tactics, whether corporate, category or supplier specific.


Streamline your workflows, optimize collaboration and gain control with our CRM, automated project delivery suite, asset repository and management information platform. 


Analyze and evaluate the impact of your media campaigns and create a library of case studies and results to guide future investment choices.

Retailers partner with us to:


The solution can be bought directly by the retailer or funded via suppliers, as with other RSi collaboration programs. BASE™ software has been proven to deliver measurable results and unrivaled success for more than 50% of the UK grocery retail market, with some of the world’s leading retailers and more than 1,300 brands at 270 CPG companies.

If you would like to learn more about how you could leverage this capability to transform and optimize performance of your Shopper Marketing operations please contact David Harker, VP Shopper Marketing at Retail Solutions :